Monday, June 3


sometimes things happen and i shock myself by how i react.  i don't always remember (today) what i wore (last week or even yesterday) but amazingly (how the brain works), there are some things that i know i remember perfectly!

the last time i went to see my neuro, Dr. G, he told me specifically that he wanted me to have 2 sessions of steroids 3 weeks apart and that even tho there was no waiting period with switching from Tysabri to Tecfidera, he wanted the Tysabri completely out of my system first (should have been my first clue that there is some kinda waiting period).  anyhoo, so i left the exam room, went to the front desk and made my 2 steroid appointments - 5/10 and 5/31.

last week thursday, my phone started blowing up from the MSCA.  well i've been really busy, so by the time i called the chick back, she'd just walked out the door.  finally (after some more phone tag) we connected Friday just before it was time for me to leave for the appointment.  that's when i found out that:

  • steroid sessions are supposed to be 4 weeks apart
  • there is actually an 8 week waiting period before which i can start Tecfidera

He told me that i could start in the first week of June, hence the reason i should be getting my shipment today (or tomorrow)...well luckily i didn't actually start anything so i've pushed my start date to 6/9.  when she found out that i'd only had 1 steroid session, she said that it would be okay to keep the appointment on 5/31 even tho it had only been 3 weeks...i just cyah bother get all upset; makes no sense but would have been nice to know all this up front.

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