Friday, June 7

Relapse? No Meds? Flare up? ARGH!!!!

oh geez...i'm not sure what is going on.  Am i one of the "lucky" ones who really fall victim to the Tysabri rebound effect???

so i've had a rough week.  the first time that i noticed that "things weren't right was Monday.  I had a dentist appointment and for whatever reason, i WAS SO VERY STIFF.  i was still moving on my own but things were just not normal.  at one point, the hygienist even asked me if i was getting worse because 3 people from the office were trying to help me out.  at some point, they told me to just sit on an office chair and they wheeled me where i need to go.  by the time i got home, i was feeling a little better but...

Tuesday after work i just didn't want to move from where i was.  My trainer cancelled and when i found out, i just didn't move for about 1 1/2 hrs and then it hit me.  i've mentioned here before (i think) that if i stay in the sun for too long (GASP!!), my limbs jes get rhell heavy and it's a chore to do anything - well that's how i'd been feeling for most of the day...problem was, there is no sun INSIDE!!!  oh no...what the hell is this???  i didn't feel badly, i don't feel sick but things just weren't right.

  • is it the rebound effect?
  • is it a flare up?
  • is it because i have no medication in my system?
  • is the MS rearing its ugly head because i'm actually really frustrated and unhappy at work?
  • oh i getting worse???????
I'm going to start the Tecfidera tomorrow - today is the last day of my 8 week waiting period so we'll see what happens but...

Over the years, things slowly shifted/changed; there was never any drastic changes; i feel like this is too drastic.  things still haven't gone back to normal but i don't feel as "heavy" as before.  I didn't work Wednesday but i did thursday and today - geez, i don't know but i'll start the pill tomorrow and deal with things as they come along.


  1. Sorry to get to this late. Hope you've improved?!

  2. Good luck with the Tecfidera and hope you're feeling a bit better today.

  3. Oh noos, hope you are feeling better:-/