Tuesday, March 26


it's my new "latest and greatest" term to describe MS these days.  between the situations that i find myself in sometimes and the stories that i've heard, i think that "wretched" is most apt.  i was in a funk last Saturday morning...without going into details, i just had to deal with a situation that got me thinking that MS can really strip you of all your dignity sometimes.  Even when you're by yourself and get out of a situation, just the fact that you are IN the situation in the first place is enuf to send somebody over the the edge.

On the flip side, my mother (smart lady that she is) often says if everyone can put their respective diseases in a barrel, shake up the barrel and then pick whatever they want out of the barrel, 9X/10 they'll probably pick the same WRETCHED disease that they had in the first place (kinda "the devil you know" type situation)....but i wonder, will i really take back MS?  maybe it'll depend on my options...hell, do i really have to pick anything at all???

Anyway...Walk MS in Atlanta is on 4/13 this year.  Hopefully, it'll be a nice day (clearly Atlanta didn't get the memo that we in spring already because of these stupid ass temperatures) and we'll be able to go out there and walk/scoot in all our glory.

the walk thruout the years...always a good time.


  1. Yeah, I'd probably still pick MS, mostly because I have a vivid imagination and can picture all kinds of awful crap with other diseases that spring to mind!

    Hope you're feeling better - and yay on doing the walk! I've done the MS Challenge Walk three times. Haven't decided yet about this year. Fundraising...ugh.

  2. the walk is shaping up nicely...i hope it'll be a good day and won;t be cold. i was better by the time this published, thanks :-)