Wednesday, March 20



there's this company - we'll call it ABC Drug Manufacturer - that controls the market share of MS patients because the drug they make is probably the "least worst" available to us.  "Surprisingly" they have been putting pressure on the FDA to stall the approval of BG12...hmmm, wonder why???

Well, let's see...

  • BG12 is oral, their drug is a needle prick
  • They both have side effects (of course) but BG12's are supposedly "more tolerable" than most
  • BG12 is supposed to be a more aggressive drug
  • hmmmm...
I'm not stupid, i know that they don't give a damn about little ole me and it's all about the bottom line but really???  do they really have to try and stick it to the maker of BG12 just because it's quite obvious to us all that they'll probably lose patients oops money because people will jump ship???

it's just so unfortunate because there are so many patients out there just waiting (patiently because we have no choice) for this drug to be approved and become available.  

Now don't get me wrong, i want/need for the powers that be at the FDA do their due diligence before approving but it soooooooo does not need to be about profit in these situations.  

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