Tuesday, March 19

March 27th

is supposedly the day that BG12 is slated to be approved by the FDA.

I've been gone for a long, long time.  truth is i was in a writing funk.  I started a couple posts and just was never able to finish them and i just didn't know what to talk about.  i'm not sure what happened...guess i need to be rejuvenated; hopefully things will look up from here.  

anyway, i went for my infusion on Friday and was told that we should be looking forward to 3/27/2013.  at this point, my fingers, legs, arms and eyes are ALL crossed because boy am i ready to be off Tysabri.  BG12 is somewhat new and of course, there are risks with that, but i'm ready to shake this "brain infection risk" monster off my back - i say "somewhat new" because apparently the drug (or some form of it) is already "out there" for use by people with psoriasis - it's new for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  

Couple things about that brain infection:
  • The nurse practitioner i was talking to told me that apparently they have found that the average month within which a Tysabri patient develops the infection is 38; guess who just went for #37!!!
  • Also, it's possible for you to have it and NOT DISPLAY ANY SYMPTOMS (y can't i ever spell this word on my first try) - WDF?!?! she was actually able to say that with complete certainty because there was a patient at the MSCA like that.
happy, happy, joy, joy.  so you can understand y i am so ready to be off Tysabri and get into something else.  On top of which, since it's an oral drug, i won't have to deal with anymore needles and small veins and my blood not flowing (when they have to take blood) and...the list goes on.


  1. Yippee! Keep us posted; so glad you don't have to take Tysabri any longer.

    Nice to see you back!

    Ms. CrankyPants

  2. :-) well i'm hopeful that bg12 is approved...that's the first step in this journey.