Wednesday, February 15


hated my house last nite.  steups!!!  i worked out yesterday and all i did was a whole setta ab work - wasn't even on my feet for any of the time and when i tried to go upstairs, i could barely make it.  swear i took 10 mins to climb the first flight of 16 - was awful. ugh!  at one point about 3/4 way up, i almost convinced myself that i could just sleep there for the night.

It's only 16 steps per flight, but it certainly seemed like this last nite!

As much as some people thank me for being honest and open here (and i am), i don't always share everything that i might be feeling/experiencing.  Anyhoo, i'm ready to share this story below here now.

so for the past few months, i've noticed that my left hand appears to be spastic as well. it used to be that i would notice it only when my legs were fatigued - really weird, that my legs were fatigued, so my hand would act up!  At any rate, what i used to notice is that it would tend to curl up (if u will) on its own and i noticed it only when i was walking if my arm was just hanging by my side.  These days, especially at the end of a working day of lots of typing, i tend to lose almost all functionality.  it curls up and i can barely find the strength to open it, far less use it to do anything.  It's depressing at times, but as usual, it is what it is - what can i do?  I'm dealing.


  1. I'll try again...I think you can get a splint for your hand...anti-spasticity ball splint.

  2. thanks karen! i need to check that out