Friday, February 17

the Cane Itch

i've been having an itch to buy a new cane for a few weeks now so i finally decided upon the "bull organ" cane.  figured it would be a cool talking piece and a nice addition to my "fleet" of canes.  Alas, the cane gods had other plans for me...the site from which i usually order only offers them in 2 sizes - 34 and 36, and it would be nice to be tall enuf for a 34" cane, but i'm not so the bull organ from that site is not in my future.  I found another site from which i can order it, but it would cost 100+ and i'm not at the point where i'm will to pay more than $100 for a cane!  bull penis or not, i'm not willing to spend that money.

So i had to settle for something else.  i bought an ergonomic one - i had to select whether i needed a right or left hand one and the thing came andi couldn't work it - ergonomics and all!  LOL!!  I was convinvced that they'd sent me a leftie cane instead.  Well i gave up and left it for G to give it a try; she figured it out and of course i felt like a jackass when i saw how easily and comfortably it actually fit in my hand.  i also bought another black one that is pretty normal, but it's nice and sleek with a silver collar, so i don't have to use the beat up starter cane all the time - I don't use the Smuggler Cane as much.

I'm happy with my new purchases...using the black one today when i go for my infusion :-)

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