Friday, November 25

The Oddest Thing


i can't walk in heels but i can't walk in flats either!!  WTF?!?!?

if i try to walk in heels, i most probably will break my ass - don't know that for sure but i'm willing to bet my very last dollar that it will happen.  These days, walking in flats too (no heel whatsoever or barefoot) is 1 of the most difficult things that i have to do - I haven't fallen yet but i won't be surprised if it's in the cards.  In fact, when i walk barefoot, i tend to walk on tippytoe to compensate - it's just the oddest thing.  I haven't figured out why that is altho i think that maybe it has to do with my sometimes dragging feet?  who knows...

I'm highly upset now because the pair of boots i bought last year (when i came to terms with the fact that heels were a thing of the past) are flat - I've worn them once or twice and i cant walk in them either so i have to give them away (and they are so cool too).  Having MS has made me very high maintenance.  Everything has to be just so or just right for me to participate/handle/be part of.  When i go shopping for shoes now, they have to have the perfect heel so i can walk in them; can't be too flat, can't be too hight, can't be too narrow, can't be too wide - steups!  

just a pain in the ass if you ask me!

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