Monday, November 21

Nothing to Talk About

It used to be that i would panic when i didn't have anything to write about.  in those days, i used to publish every day without fail.  I'm a little different now - i don't panic, i think of it as "woohoo, things are stable" or at least i don't have anything interesting to kinda bugs me a little, because i don't want anyone to lose interest, but i really don't have anything of note going on...hmmmm.

Anyhoo, i had my 1st of the 3 month MRI rotation on Friday and i'll either give MSCA a call or wait until i go to my neurologist in 2 weeks to get the results.  One of the things that you have to do when you get an MRI is remove all steel (jewelry included).  I have a few piercings and 1 is relatively new, so i didn't want to take out the earring.  i called the piercing place to see if i could buy glass inserts and the chick told me that titanium (all their earrings are made of it) is actually safe for MRIs so no need for glass.  I went into the chamber and even though i'd been assured that everything would be okay, i had visions of all my earrings flying out my head and ripping my ears apart.  of course that did not happen! 4 or 5 MRIs in and i still sometimes have visions of my older fillings flying out too (i know, i'm a jackass).

Anyway, thanksgiving is coming up and as i mentioned in my last post, it's going to be different this year, i'll actually be going to someone's house - looking forward to it.  I hope all those who celebrate it have a GREAT time with family/friends/whomever you spend it with.  I know that i'll be having a GREAT weekend myself.

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