Friday, November 25

High Maintenance

in my last post, i mentioned that i've become very "high maintenance"'s so true - it actually is a lil disgusting.  Everything has to be just right for me to participate.  

  • we going to Carnival somewhere; we hadda know bandleaders or DJs so that i can get a spot on d truck - I cyah be on the road
  • we going to fete somewhere, we either walking with a chair or (again) know the promoters so that a chair is organised for me in the party
  • i want to buy a shoe, i have to be mindful of the heel (i almost need a cobbler to make my shoe special, because who knows if i'll ever find what i need)
  • i have to go anywhere, i need to be mindful of parking - how long is the walk from the car to the door blah blah blah
and the list can go on...Now, don't get me wrong i am grateful that we know promoters/band leaders/djs etc, because it allows me to continue doing the things that i like and enjoy life as normal and they all know the situation, so nobody gives us a hard time.  On the flip side there are perks...i sail thru the security line at the airport, board the plane before everybody else, have prime parking but that's beside the point for this post.

the tickets to Vegas are bought!  woohoo!!!  but of course, i have to think about being in Vegas (a walking city) in my condition (i almost didn't want to go at first).  So...

  • I had to call the hotel to see if they have rooms with walk in showers - i discovered (not the hard way - thank God) that i would prefer NOT to climb into a tub to take a shower.  That never occurred to me until recently because i don't have a tub in my bathroom; i have a walk in shower.
  • the last casino i went to had scooters for rent, so i figured Vegas MUST also have them.  but then i started thinking...if i'm there for a few days, i don't want to have to rent it out daily (it'll be too costly!) - what if there is a long term kinda thing available?  and wouldn't u know it? there is - so i'll be good for my entire stay
My point is...i can't really afford do things on a whim anymore.  I really have to stop and think things thru, make sure the conditions are just right, make sure all my bases are covered so that i'll be ok before getting into anything.

it sucks!  but it is what it is...

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  1. One person's sucky moment is another person's VIP, lol! Live it up and use yuh perks gyul!