Monday, September 12

Damn u MS...or Stacey (maybe)

I'm not a stubborn person usually but when it comes to the conflict between me and the MS with respect to the sun and heat I am stubborn to a fault - ALWAYS. Last week Monday morning I went to a rooftop breakfast fete - this fete tho is not ur typical breakfast fete in that it starts at 8am. There's a covered area and a section that's open. Do I try to lime/stay in the covered area? Never. In fact last year ASal asked me if I wanted to get out of the sun (it was still earlyish and it wasn't bothering me yet and I remember scoffing at her wondering why the hell she would suggest that; she was asking from an MS perspective - MS wasn't even on my mind...I'm stupid, I know).

So I usually get there between 8 and 9 so no problems then but by 11/12 it's a whole nother story! This year, the open area had sheets of fabric draped over to offer some shade so I sought refuge there but still I was hot fuh so. I could barely work the controls to reverse the scooter into the shade and by the time I got there I was seated for most of the rest of the party.

Every time I stood, I had to be helped up. The other thing I noticed is that I couldn't speak loudly at all. was like every time I spoke to someone I was whispering - which makes no sense when u trying to shout into somebody ears over loud music. I was completely drained of strength/energy. Steups but will I stay under cover next year? No promises

I took a really long time to cool down and get back to fact I don't think it happened till I reached back home.  I ate a plate of food and went straight to bed...slept straight thru till Tuesday morning...but it's okay - it was all worth it kinda/ was nice!

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  1. Hmmm, I think you like the sun, so I say do what makes you comfortable and sleep is always good, so no worries on that note. #happytimes