Friday, July 5

Really?!?! Steups

once again, i'm just shaking my head right now...

so who thought that it was a good idea to preauthorize me for ONLY the starter pack of Tefidera (the 1st pack of medication includes 7 "beginner" pills that are actually half the normal dose to introduce it into ur system and then u increase to the regular dose after that)?  some asshole somewhere amongst my doctor's office, the insurance company and the drug manufacturer.  Now, if that's how things are supposed to work then that is just downright STUPID!

apparently the insurance company will not pay for the drug unless preauthorization is given.  okay, no problem i can live with that.  what i cannot understand for the life of me is, "why give preauthorization one month ago for the starter pack of the drug and nothing else?"  was i going to take the starter pack alone and come off the drug??? why not authorize the starter pack and (oh by the way), lets authorize the maintenance (subsequent months of the drug) one time because...well that just makes sense!  of course i didn't find out about this issue until last week thursday or so but the person i spoke with said, "looks like u will still be able to get ur shipment on the 5th"....okay so i thought all was well, until i got an automated message to "call the pharmacy because there's a problem." on Monday of this week.   long story short, today is Friday and it appears that when i run out of medication on Sunday, i'll be up a creek without a paddle for a few days.

i wish i can be brave like all those out there who are managing this disease without the drugs!  i'll have extra money in my pocket and not have to deal with foolishness like this.


  1. Stax, Obviously somebody (or several somebodies) screwed up, but dear - YOU clearly should not have started taking the pill until you had an ongoing supply. They (the pills) would have kept, after all.

    I hope you get it straightened out, including getting another week one of the pills - and I can't wait to find out if it helps. Wishing you the best.

    Of course I am more progressed than you, by far, so who knows if anything will work for me at this point - except a stiff drink. What do you suggest?

    1. it all worked out. well i didn't think i'd have any problems, i never had any problems with their mailing me pills in the past.

      time will tell if it works eh

  2. &*%(&$^*W^! I know the intense frustration/anger one can feel dealing with insurance/preauthorization/dozens of phone calls to different people, etc., etc., etc. It's truly a nightmare. Hang in there...

  3. "i wish i can be brave like all those out there who are managing this disease without the drugs! "

    huh? How is that brave?