Wednesday, July 10

One Month Later

so it's been a month since i've been on Tecfidera and i haven't had any issues.  no flushing, no stomach problems, nothing - GREAT NEWS!!!  its always unnerving to start something new because u never know how u might react to it.  Beverly (at the MSCA) mentioned that it takes a number of weeks to actually get into ur system and start working, so who knows what benefits i may eventually see.  i go back there in August, so more to come on that for sure.

i talked about my telephone woes in my last post (the only issue i actually had) and everything worked out so i got the new pack yesterday.  as it turns out, i had missed a dose (of course) last month, so i had an extra pill that i took Monday morning so i only missed 1 dose (monday nite).

after my rough month last month, i'd said that i was back to normal.  i thought i was just based on how i was moving about a few times...the truth is, i'm not.  Doing things that i'm used to doing (out and about) are not as easy for me anymore.  i am still hopeful that there might be an explanation other than "the MS is progressing (ugh)" - maybe i'll write about that later.

for now, i'm hanging in there...


  1. Great news! Keep hanging in there!

  2. Good to hear that the medication delivery issue has been sorted.

  3. Hope you see tons of benefit from the meds.


  4. Wish you all the best and keep hanging.