Friday, December 9

Christmas Spirit

so i eh really have any spirit this year - i'm just counting down the days to board the plane to Vegas.

  • Some people say their favorite vacation spot is somewhere with white sand, crystal clear water and a drink with an umbrella - man, send me straight to Vegas - love that place.   

Anyhoo, so since we not doing Christmas really, i havent really gotten into it...but what is it about Parang, Soca Parang and traditional Christmas music that does the trick?  I've been listening to it for the past 2-3 days and now i can't wait to make sorrel and rum punch and stock the fridge.  I think that the tree is also going up pretty soon too.


It's Christmas - Baron

Carol of the Bells

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  1. I enjoyed the music, and I'm SURE I'd love the punch!