Thursday, July 28

Never Say Never

They say "never say never". Well now, I guess I must agree.

I've said multiple times - including right here on this blog - that I'll never go home again for Carnival. I mean:

  • I cyah play mas (my biggest reason)
  • I shouldn't be in heat/sun - steups 
  • (being on the scooter) Is never a good thing for me to be in crowds
  • I love my country but let's be honest, a lot of places are not so Stacey-friendly
...wha's the friggin point of going?  

Well EVERY year without fail, I's just be oozing salt when everybody talking bout when they leaving, who they playing with and of course, there's Facebook; one will have to dig out one's eyes to escape the status updates, pictures, random videos and various articles...and then...there's the music! Sigh! Sigh!! 

  • We always joke that as "people in foreign" we know the music (words included) faster than the locals cuz we are so bloody hungry for it here. 
And can u tell me why in EVERY picture EVERY SINGLE PERSON must be smiling, looking good and having a good time? Nobody has a off minute when the picture is snapped??? Meanwhile, my ass sitting here working and is 4something degrees and possibly snow on the ground. This year I tortured myself until Friday evening when I logged off. I didn't look at a non Bank of America device until Ash Wednesday.  Well...NO MORE!

I actually don't care about any of the aforementioned bullets. I'm at the point where I just want/need to be in the country. Asal played Monday night mas last year; it was an affordable, all inclusive band that was Stacey friendly enuf cuz it was small and guess what? No sun (I know I'll still feel hottish but it should be ok). In addition, at that time, it was actually the only band - she had a great time and Monday night mas was a good time eons ago before I left home - I in dat!  I will also do my due diligence to see if I can go any fetes...if not, is no scene, cuz I'll be home.  I figure nothing wrong with at least trying it once.  If I go and I determine that maybe it wasn't such a great idea, then I'll hadda regroup.  if I don't go, I won't know. 


 Anyhoo, so ticket already bought...I'm going for a week - can't wait!