Monday, April 14

Weird Freaky Sh**

2 Friday mornings ago,  I woke up (at whatever ungodly hour) to pee and realized (I can always tell when I getting out the bed if it'll end in drama) that "uh oh. This may not end well"...and it didn't. I slid off the bed instead of getting up and off.  Sometimes when that happens, I can't get up right away (it takes a number of tries and deep breaths) but luckily this time I made it in one try, and finally got to the porcelain goddess but all along I just wasn't feeling right.

anyhoo...I organised my business and walked back to the bed and...oh shizznit, I couldn't get back in - won't bore u with the details, but I eventually got back in and went back to sleep.  Woke up to "go" to work and SAME FRIGGIN THING happened. At this, point, I start to worry because nothing is working how it should, including my hand that jes refused to open - I couldn't even finish washing my face because I couldn't cup the water in the hand. Geez, what fresh hell was this now???  

Well, I finally finished getting dressed, started working and things kinda started getting normal. My PT came over (I had an opportunity to get in home physical therapy so I took it), we went thru his lil routine and I was definitely back to normal by the time he left…hmmm...I started thinking…I remembered my dream.

Truth be told, I don't remember when, in the sequence of things, I had it but I dreamt that there was a strange man in the apartment and when I realized, I tried to turn over (I was actually lying in bed at the time) to grab a nearby stun gun and couldn't because I was panicking (whenever I start to panic my body shuts down and try as I might, I can't get things to work).  I kept trying to turn over  and...nothing. Eventually, I heard a voice I knew.  Now, I don't know if the man was someone I knew after all or what (u know how dreams are), but that's when I woke up. At that point I remember saying to myself,"whew was just a dream". I don't know if I actually moved when i woke up, but I know that I was alert and knew that everything was alright because it was just a dream.  

I really think that that is what had me so "in a mess" when I woke up.  Does it make sense? Nope, not to me but it's the only explanation I have. Now, I hadda be careful what I dream too? Steups!!! Come nah man MS, u cyah b serious!

But seriously, is that freaky or what?!?

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  1. TOTALLY freaky [shudder]. Hope you don't have a repeat performance!